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What Do The Capitals Love As Much As Corn Kid Loves Corn?



Washington Capitals

ARLINGTON, V.A. — “I don’t know what is my corn?” Washington Capitals Martin Fehervary asks himself. Several of the Washington Capitals — with the exception of some — have seen the famous “Corn Kid” video, where a boy on “Recess Therapy” shares his undying passion for corn. So, with Washington ending the preseason on a high note, the team took the time to share what they love as much as Corn Kid loves corn.

Martin Fehervary laughed when he heard the question and smiled while thinking about it for a quick second before shouting out “Pih-zah.”

“I just love pizza. I think pizza, I love pizza,” Fehervary said. “Like classic, especially back home. Some Italian restaurants, I love the pizza. That would be mine. Pih-zah, just regular, it has some cheese and ham.”

For T.J. Oshie, his corn is his wife’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

“Big cookie guy. All of ’em. My favorites are the ones that my wife, Lauren, makes. She makes them from scratch,” Oshie said. “Nothing crazy fancy. She does a good job.”

Erik Gustafsson hadn’t seen the clip but insisted on watching it. He enjoyed it quite a bit and then decided his kids and family were his “corn.” John Carlson overheard and pointed to his son, Lucca, as he laced his skates.

“This guy,” he answered. “All of my kids. But right now he’s the easiest.”

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Matt Irwin had the same answer.

“I’m thinking he really loves corn? I’ve seen a blurb of that,” Irwin laughed. “If he really loves corn, that’s the equivalent of me and my family.”

Evgeny Kuznetsov didn’t see the clip but insisted that his biggest passion in life is food. Alex Ovechkin slid in next to him, crossing his arms and answering for No. 92.

“Beer. Whiskey. Double cheeseburger,” Ovechkin answered before quickly retreating and not wanting to share his.

Anthony Mantha was quick to answer, having one choice ready to go days after he and his wife welcomed his first daughter, Naomie. He “couldn’t imagine a more beautiful thing.”

“What is my corn? It has to be the baby now. That’s an easy answer,” he smiled. “Food-wise, steak would be my corn.”

Trevor van Riemsdyk had a complex answer to the question. He wanted to know if it had to be an inanimate object. When I assured him it didn’t, he decided that he’d pick two: a living and a non-living entity. He decided that his dog was his living “corn” and that golf was his unalive “corn.”

Dylan Strome had pretty much the same answer: Golden Retrievers and golf, though golden retrievers get the upper hand for No. 17.

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