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Boudreau Has Golden Reaction To Most Handsome NHL Coaches Rankings



Former Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau

Former Washington Capitals and current Vancouver Canucks head coach Bruce Boudreau had some thoughts about his ranking on the NHL’s most handsome coaches list on Tuesday.

Boudreau ranked 16th on’s “Most Handsome NHL Coaches” list. And on Tuesday, he had quite a laugh about it with the Canucks media.

“There must have been an awful lot of blind people,” he joked via Harman Dayal.

The site ran all 32 coaches officially NHL portraits through the Golden Ratio Face App, which measures physical perfection according to the ancient Greeks. The Golden Ratio is out of 10, and for the coach rankings, decimals were rounded up and down to ensure consistency in digits. The real “Golden Ratio” is 1.618, though this app ranks out of 10.

Boudreau scored at a 8.06. Jay Woodcroft, the Edmonton Oilers bench boss, leads the pack with a 9.18. Meanwhile, Capitals head coach Peter Laviolette finished 32nd with a score of 6.04.

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Here is the full list, per