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Lindgren Offers Inside Look At New Capitals Reverse Retro Gear



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ARLINGTON, V.A. — Washington Capitals goaltender Charlie Lindgren was getting nervous as the Washington Capitals’ tilt with the Arizona Coyotes came closer. The 28-year-old was still waiting for his Reverse Retro gear to make it to the DMV in time for the Coyotes game, which marks the new sweater’s debut this season, but had heard it was still in the league office.

He finally got his gear, though, and just in time. Lindgren strapped on his new pads, glove and blocker, complete with his new helmet, on Saturday to complete the ensemble and break it all in prior to Saturday’s tilt. He will back up Darcy Kuemper.

Lindgren offered a closer look at the design and entire concept. He went through his Bauer rep in Minnesota for the gear and elected to go for a look he hadn’t seen in years: an all-black setup.

“I hadn’t worn an all-black set since, like, my sophomore year of high school,” he laughed. “It’s been a while.”

Lindgren made sure to incorporate the signature “iceberg” into the new setup, and it graces his pads, gloves and blocker in the team’s signature copper. Hidden inside the icebergs: three white stars overlayed on a blue background.

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As for the mask, it’s matte black and features an intricate design that combines his personality, the history behind Washington and the Reverse Retro concept. The mask, designed by DaveArt, has the iconic iceberg design in copper. There are small “Weagles” painted on the mask, along with an overlay of the vintage Capital building logo. On the chin is his nickname, Lindy. The backplate features the cross and the following quote:

“I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion, and I refuse to talk, walk and to sleep with the sheep. I will persist until I succeed.”

The quote is representative of Lindgren’s spirit animal and mentality as a goaltender: the lion.

“Certainly lions, they’re big, physical and mean. Am I big, physical and mean? Maybe not. But I think it’s more of a mentality. No one wants to mess with a lion,” Lindgren said, adding, “I welcome the pressure,” he explained, adding, “Throughout my career, I’ve been through a bunch of adversity. But it’s never stopped me. I’ve kept on pushing. I’m a hard guy to knock down.”

Lindgren also sent the setup to his inner circle to get their thoughts. His dog, Riley, also approves of the look.

Here’s a full look at the setup:

Photos by Sammi Silber for Washington Hockey Now. Please ask before reposting.