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Ovechkin Skates With Influencer Mamedov, Gifts Streamer Buster $11K Worth Of Goalie Gear



Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin
(Photo: @subo_m/Instagram)

Ahead of the Ovi Cyber Cup and the Alex Ovechkin Cup, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has been hanging out with several online stars and streamers.

Ovechkin took the ice with social media influencer Subhan Mamedov on Friday, as the two played hockey together. Mamedov posts comedy videos and pranks on his Instagram account, @subo_m, which has over 10 million followers.




In addition to practicing alongside Mamedov, the Great 8 also gifted Twitch gamer and streamer Vyacheslav Leontiev, better known as “Buster,” 700,000 rubles worth of goaltending equipment. That equates to just over $11,000.

“My new uniform that Sasha presented costs 700 thousand. I’ve never played hockey in my life. You just have to defend one match in goal against professional hockey players,” Buster said, per

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(Telegram: Buster)


Buster is set to start between the pipes at the Alex Ovechkin Cup, an annual tournament in Krasnogorsk, Russia. He will be Ovechkin’s goaltender on Saturday. The Ovi Cyber Cup will also take place on Saturday in Luzhniki. Both are in Moscow.