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DraftKings Promo: Bet Any Football Game, Get $200 Instantly



Washington Commanders, Redskings, DraftKings Promo

After months of waiting, the Washington Commanders and the rest of the NFL are finally returning to action this week. And to help ring in the excitement, the DraftKings promo is one that sports betters and fans don’t want to miss: $200 guaranteed, instantly.

Sounds pretty sweet, right?

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The DraftKings promo code offer puts $200 in bets in your pocket for just one $5 bet. This offer applies to any NFL bet, whether it be on this weekend’s Commanders showdown with the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Sunday Night Football tilt between Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dak Prescott’s Dallas Cowboys. And, to make things even more entertaining, college football games are also available to bet on as well, whether it’s the hometown Maryland Terrapins or Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

With several can’t-miss showdowns on the schedule, there’s not a better time to roll the dice with this offer. Once you make a $5 bet on any upcoming game, your reward gets released immediately.

But what happens if you lose your $5 bet? Well… nothing terrible. Because you still have $200 to play with, and you get your money back. So when it comes down to it, it’s worth pressing your luck and having fun, especially with the NFL finally back in action.

Click here to reveal the DraftKings promo code that will generate a $200 bonus on a $5 football bet.

Looking at this, though, you may be asking: what makes this promotional offer different from others? Well, let’s break it down.

DraftKings Promo Lowdown:

Most of the time in the world of sports betting, you won’t cash out on a bonus instantly. Instead, you’ll have to wait for a qualifying bet, and then see the bonus come in. However, with DraftKings, there’s no need to wait; you get that money right away.

The bet can also change as well, and you’re welcome to gamble more than $5. If you’re feeling lucky or want to get in on more action, DraftKings lets you play with house money. So, if you’re on the top of the world and put $50 on a game, you’ll get $200 that’ll go into your account during the game. So, if things don’t end up going your way — or if the Commanders let you down — the worst that’ll happen is that you’ll be left with a $150 profit.

Not too shabby, eh?

Secondly, you are not required to stick with a small $5 bet. If you want more action on this big sports betting day, you can play with house money. Let’s say that you have your eyes on the Seattle Seahawks Monday Night Football game with the Denver Broncos, and you decide to place a $50 bet on on Russell Wilson going on the ultimate revenge tour. Your $200 will be released, and it will be in your account when you are following the game. All along, the worst-case scenario will be a $150 profit if you lose your bet.

The DraftKings promo is a great way to ease any doubts and get $200 of fun money. Check it out here.

Unlock the DraftKings Promo Code

  • Click any of the links on this page to enable the code, or click here.
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • Make sure you download the app. The app will offer more exclusive offers.
  • Make a deposit so you can place your qualifying wager.
  • Lastly, bet at least $5 on a college or NFL football game, and get your bonus.

NFL Week 1 Up 10 Early Promotion

With NFL Week 1 finally upon us, you also get bonus offers with DraftKings.

Right now, you get one Early Win token for each game next Sunday and Monday. After that, you can place a bet on any team on the Moneyline, and if they go up by 10 points at any point in the game, you win. Automatically. The maximum wager is $250 for this promo, and you can use as many tokens as you want.

Click here to use the DraftKings promo code to get a $200 payout after you make a $5 bet.

DraftKings Sportsbook

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